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Why a Christian Should Love Cornerstone Baptist Church

(Read Psalm 84; Ephesians 5:25; Matthew 16:13-16)

  1. This church is not man's creation. Cornerstone Baptist Church is God's creation. She was built upon the "Rock of Faith" in Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone.

  2. This church worships God's "Word made Flesh" (Christ, the Lord) and not a particular printed word.

  3. This church is a spiritual haven where all members are priests and ministers and no one is judgmental or fanatical.

  4. This church is a beautiful mixture of divine holiness and human simplicity. The church family is a beautiful resemblance of the "body of Christ".

  5. This is a servant church with priorities in home and global missions through gifts and "hands-on" service projects.

Authored by Rev. Bob Shepherd on September 26, 2004

CLICK HERE to also read Rev. Bob's letter to Cornerstone Baptist Church, entitled "Why I Loved Being Your Interim Pastor".

Our love, appreciation and gratitude are forever given to Rev. Bob Shepherd, who has spiritually led Cornerstone Baptist Church from October 2003 to October 2004 as Interim Pastor. Pastor Bob did not let us stand still, but continually taught us, challenged us and loved us. He is a man who will always be held in a very special place in the hearts of the entire church family! Thank you, Pastor Bob for all that you have done for us. CLICK HERE for the appreciation article published in the 10/29/04 News Herald.

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